Regularly in the media

PR is still ideal for getting your message across to a maximum number of interested parties, and the press also provides extra credibility. Journalists can do something with your organisation’s numerous interesting stories. We serve them ready-made content.

What we can do for you

Product PR
A creative approach means your message doesn’t get lost in the daily news deluge.

Corporate PR
Together we ensure your target audience knows what to expect from you, what you’re good at, and why they can count on you.

Crisis PR
Keep confidence in your organisation high with open, correct and quick communication.

Lifestyle PR
To accelerate the customers’ buying decisions, we offer inventive ways to impact on their interests and lifestyle.

PR is unbeatable

PR provides customer loyalty
An objective approach and influence gives the press certainty and confirmation, which strengthens your brand. It connects customers to your company and results in extra leads.
PR increases brand familiarity
The press can help brands make a name for themselves quickly with a select target audience, and reinforce market leadership with the general public.
PR increases traffic
Traditional media now also includes online media, with easy links to other news about you and your website – another way PR can result in new leads.

How we go about it

Why choose PR

Journalists value strong spokespeople with interesting and sometimes pithy stories. We can also outline a positioning strategy for business leaders.

Stronger image
Your image is important for gaining confidence. The press adds credibility as an external source, and influences the perception of readers or viewers.

The media’s broad reach and small financial outlay still results in PR being the most affordable price per contact in communication.

You have the stories
Most stories come to the surface through your internal or other external communication. Make sure they’re PR-ready first, and profit twice.

Want to get started?

Do you like this way of working and want to appear in the press more often?

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    Our PR services

    Our team has over 100 years of PR experience. We translate your input into a strong PR plan with specific goals and campaigns.

    You need to learn a few tips and tricks to be able to speak with the press. Our media training will help you master all you need to know.

    Writing for journalists is an art; they’re slightly allergic to marketing babble. We make sure your pitches and press releases have the right tone.

    Is your plan achieving the right objectives? Our clipping reports let you know if our campaigns are having the desired effect.