Influencer marketing

Let your experts talk about you too

Powerful feedback from influencers sounds more authentic because they’re speaking from experience. Working together with these key figures creates new ways of appealing to your target audiences – people you might not reach through any other type of communication.

What we can do for you

After an initial interview, we draw up your influencer plan to select, seed and write content, and monitor objectives.

We provide distributed campaigns, so your brand and products receive attention all year round. We also arrange deliveries and returns.

We help manage the influencer content, and make sure influencers can access all the style elements they need as required.

We constantly measure results against objectives, and together determine if we need to update or extend the plan.

Influencer marketing is convincing

More clicks
Influencers link to your website very easily, which increases the number of relevant clicks.

More believers
Because influencers add authenticity to your brand, they help influence how it’s perceived – so you attract more believers.

Faster buying decisions
Your target audience experiences your communication as less promotional, which speeds up buying decisions.

How we go about it

Why choose influencer marketing?

Ideal complement to PR
You reach target audiences who are increasingly staying away from traditional media, such as lots of millennials.

More authenticity
Influencers speak from experience; they have tried your product or service. Refreshingly honest.

Choose your own budget
Influencer marketing does not need to make a big dent in your marketing budget. You can start small and expand.

More widespread
Because influencers don’t need to be making news, they’re under less time pressure than with other forms of communication.

Want to get started?

Do you like this way of working and want more believers?

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    Influencer marketing

    Your brand, even more authentic
    Bloggers, vloggers, tweeters… have a powerful voice – online or elsewhere. We’re more likely to follow people in a similar situation to us, and their first-hand experience sounds like authentic feedback to us. Influencer marketing targets audiences you might not reach through any other type of communication.

    Smaller, but more relevant
    Influencers generally have smaller but more relevant social accounts. We’re more easily influenced by our peers than by large foreign accounts. So having a large scope is often fictitious in influencer marketing. But smaller accounts are often more interesting for the target audiences we want to reach, as they have a higher level of engagement.

    Less time-related, more brand-related
    Because influencers don’t make the news, they’re under less time pressure than with PR. Influencer communication is often driven by campaigns; we work more on influencer relations so that we can tie the influencer to your brand for a long time.