Employee engagement

The most convincing external communication

There are no better brand ambassadors than your employees and customers. But HR and marketing content often goes unshared. With employee engagement, we provide ready-made content for internal ambassadors to share with their networks.

What can we do for you

We start by analysing and selecting the right ambassadors, determining objectives, and providing a good launchpad. We’ve developed best practices to help you every step of the way.

Integration and training
We help you integrate and start using the software, and have devised short training courses for your ambassadors and managers.

We create a content calendar so that posts appear online as regular as clockwork. You can count on us to create this content for you.

We constantly measure results against objectives, and together determine where we can update or extend the plan.

Employee engagement is powerful

More leads
Employees are proud of what they or their colleagues achieve, which makes you attractive to potential customers.

Better retention
Employees who acclaim their employer are engaged ambassadors. Informing them in advance of your external communications enhances their sense of pride.

More talent
Employees who like working for a company enjoy telling people about it. Employee engagement helps your ambassadors make your company even more appealing to potential candidates.

More customers
Your best customers, who you have a good relationship with, are also part of this social advocacy. So widen your scope and increase your credibility by engaging them too.

How we go about it

Why choose employee engagement?

The GDPR has further increased the importance of ambassadorship. You’re not always allowed to write to potential customers without their permission anymore, but you can still use employee engagement to get your message across to your target audience.

Low entry cost
Employee engagement is one of the cheapest forms of external communication. You can get started with just a bit of content and a Social Seeder subscription.

More control
Employees are already sharing content. Employee engagement doesn’t just make this easier for them; it also provides more structure for the process. And more control over social posts about you.

Want to get started?

Do you like this way of working and want to get started with employee engagement next month?

    We respect your privacy. Your data is saved so that we can track your request. We will not add you to our email list for direct marketing unless we have your permission. You can find more information about what we do with your data in our privacy declaration.

    Employee engagement

    Collaborators and the human touch
    No better ambassadors than your own employees. But is everyone ready to share new content as much as possible with their network? Um, it’s not really like that. Software for employee engagement ensures we can provide your internal ambassadors with ready-made content. People attach much more value to personal messages than to posts from company accounts.

    Collaborators help to find leads
    Employees are proud of what they or their colleagues achieve, so we look for internal ambassadors who will be only too happy to share success stories with their networks. Without imposing anything, we help them communicate about your brand. People enjoy reading about their opinion, which makes you attractive to potential customers.

    Collaborators help to find strong candidates
    Employees who like to work for a company are happy to share it. That’s where you can also help them. Regularly invite your ambassadors to share relevant content – such as vacancies – with their network. They become a voice of the company that says what really happens. This makes them interesting for potential candidates.

    Collaborators stay longer
    Employees who link up with their employer on social media are involved employees. By informing them in advance about achievements, you reinforce the feeling of pride and commitment. Which keeps your talent on board.