More fans for your brand

Together with ambassadors

Would you prefer authenticity to simple rumours, gossip and hearsay? Would you like your story to be told by people who work for your brand, journalists who double-check their sources and influencers speaking from experience? An ambassadorship programme immediately broadens your horizons and strengthens your brand’s credibility. We take care of your PR, influencer marketing and employee engagement to increase your reach and improve your employer branding.

How we can help you


Journalists are always on the lookout for interesting stories. We help them remain productive with short messages they can publish quickly and exclusive stories for longer articles.

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Working together well with these influencers who have a powerful voice – online or elsewhere – helps us create new and authentic ways of appealing to your target groups.

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No better ambassadors than your own employees. They’re proud of what they achieve with their colleagues and are happy to share this with their networks. Good for your sales and your recruitment.

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